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So my mom’s friend thinks she’s a psychic and tells me that I’m gonna fall in love with a South American girl with asian eyes. A week late i get a FB request from a complete stranger with no  mutual friends who lives in South America and really has asian eyes. So, i don’t have a crush on her and we don’t seem to have anything in common. I don’t know how she found me, but last night she sends me pictures of her hometown and wants me to visit her and go hiking on the island where she lives. I’m like so freaked out, cause it just creepy. She says I can bring my girlfriend or wife with me. I don’t have either, but i don’t really like creepy girls. She’s cute and looks my age, but popped up out of nowhere. All her friends have these South American names and I’m the only white dude on her friends list, so i really dunno how she found me. SMH!!!