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Okay, so I got a question for my Tumblr friends. So at my local pizza place, “Pat’s Pizza”. There’s this girl that I like. She funny, cute, smart, blonde, and short. Everytime I go there she stops by my table to chat and ask how am doing. When my mom goes in without me, the girl, Sarah will ask where I am. So, the other day, my mom pressured me to ask this girl out. She like, “You better ask her out!! Just ask her to the movies. What’s wrong with you”. I get really really shy and nervous about asking girls out, cause I think they’ll say no and I don’t need my heart crushed and shattered by a girl I don’t know. My mom eats at Pat’s way more than I do, so she’s known her longer as a waitress. I wasn’t interested in her for months and didn’t care about her, until my mom said, “She’s soooo cute!!!! She soooooo cute!!! She’s like a little doll!!!”, so I was like “Whatever!!!” Then a few weeks ago I went into Pat’s and started to like this girl. She was coming up to me and asking about my movies and my summer camp job. I’m now wanting to ask her out, but problem is i have no idea if she’s single or not. Should I ask my mom to ask her if she single without making it look like I told her to do it?? My mom says she’ll do it, but thinks am a wimp. I said if she single and not in a relationship, I’d ask her out on a date. Which am sure I’ll back out at the last minute and end up not doing. Anyway, now I can’t get this girl outta my mind. I barley know anything about her. She could smoke, drink, and listen to Punk, three things I hate. but guess I should give it a try and just ask her out as two friends. I’m the kinda person when someone offers me something like a job or something, I always take it cause I love where life leads you and the unexpected people you meet along the way. But when it comes to dating, am like nervous wreck. 

is thinking about doing a video blog, but am not sure yet.

Hey Tumblerettes,

I’m thinking about doing a video blog, like movie and music reviews. Can anyone recommend a video blog on Tumblr or Youtube that I should watch? What are your favorite video blogs that you enjoy watching? 

Anyway, I’m not sure since I’m working full-time. But, I’ll put some thought into it. 




okay so today was my first day at work on my new job. Im working until May at a preschool. Anyway, thought there be too many kids for me to handle, but it was only ten kids. However it lotta work and patient, such as when the kids refuse to sleep during nap time and they start crying over nothing. But anyway I think it’ll be a good Job and pays great!!!


Today was an okay day in court. Had a field trip with my Law Class and we get to see people on trial and meet the judges. Kinda fun, until I went in my bag and realized I lost my IPhone. I called it several times, but no one picked it up and it was low on battery. I may have left it in the courthouse (fell out of my pocket) or at a picnic table where I had lunch before heading inside. I really hope this phone gets recovered. AT&T should put a track device on it tomorrow when I go by, but all my info on my iphone like emails, addresses, and other shit. I PRAYING I GET THIS BACK!!!!! Any ideas on how to get it back, never lost a phone before,

Struggling with finding a job

Hello Trumblrettes,

Am starting to get very very disappointed that I can’t find a job. I’ve tried all summer but keep failing. I do have my screenplays that I hope to sell in the next couple years and hopefully be a working screenwriter, but that ain’t happening now.

So, I’ve thought about how much I hate this country with the econmy and goverment. I’m seriously thinking of moving to Qubec City, Candada where there are no wars, free health care, and hot chicks. Lots of snow and very pretty, however I don’t know how that process works. I’ve been to Canada many times and it’s not covered in homeless people, hookers, and drugs. It’s like Heaven, a cold Heaven. Anyway, this won’t be for another ten years, but I like the idea.