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Natalie Cole sings, “Tell Me Lies” from “Cats Don’t Dance”. One of my favorite Natalie Cole songs. I think it was written by Randy Newman. 

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“Tell Me Lies” scene from Cats Don’t Dance

Sung by Natalie Cole (as Sawyer)

My favorite childhood film!! I think I dreamed about Hollywood everyday after I saw this movie except without the cats. Didn’t know who Natalie Cole was as a kid, so I’m sure I hated this song and thought it was girly or something. But love it now!!! :D 

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“Tell Me Lies” from Cats Don’t Dance

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Tell Me Lies- Natalie Cole

Great Song to Listen to on a pouring and lonely nighT!!!! From ‘Cats Don’t Dance’. 

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Natalie Cole sings, “Tell Me Lies”. One of my favorite Natalie Cole songs besides, “Miss You Like Crazy”, “Pink Cadillac”, and her cover of “As Time Goes By” and “Too Young”. 

Makes a good wedding song, until I realized the name of the song!!! Guess if your planning on lying to your wife/husband than a good wedding song!! 

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Natalie Cole, “Tell Me Lies”. 

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Tell Me Lies

Cats Don’t Dance

It’s Natalie Cole singing, not a real cat!!! I’ve always loved this song, but can’t find it on any Natalie Cole records. Guess I have to buy the soundtrack for the film instead. It is my favorite Natalie Cole song, so guess it’s worth it. Great rainy day song!!! 

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Natalie Cole sings, “Tell Me Lies” from “Cats Don’t Dance”. I love her voice!!! Natalie Cole, I mean, not the cat. 


I love this song so much, you guys

I kinda wish the song wasn’t in a kids movie, because then I could take it more seriously. But I do love listening to it over and over again. 

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Wasn’t sure if the female vocals is Natalie Cole. I typed her name in and saw this come up. I saw the movie years ago and sure didn’t know who she was at the time, am sure when I was a kid, I was convinced that the cats were really singing and there were no voice overs, but it may be her. Sounds like her and she did sing, “Tell Me Lies” in the film. 

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for the longest half-hour of my life, this song was stuck in my head during my math class. i even got to tapping my feet and making really stank theatrical faces, but i think i covered ‘em up pretty well. c:


Natalie Cole - Tell Me Lies from Cats Don’t Dance

I didn’t know the song was from Cat’s Don’t Dance. I saw that movie like 100 years ago, but i love this song a lot. Have it on a Natalie Cole album, dunno what one, since I own them all. Wish people my age liked her music and not what we have now. :(

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Classic Children Movie.

Classic Children Movie.