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Sway Interviews Mike Tyson  PT.1 #HHMS

Never thought I’d see Mike Tyson being abused by the little old guy from “Up”, Ed Asner. Saw last night’s episode of SVU was one of the best in the past few seasons!!! :D Gonna be watching, “Up” from a whole new perspective. I’m gonna be like, “Kid, get the fuck out outta there. Did you see what he did to Mike Tyson?”. 

Quvenzhane Wallis interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”. It better be her or the old lady from “Amour”. All the other nominees have been nominated before or won, so let’s give these two ladies a chance at winning. 

Billy Brill interviews Nicolette Larson. She’s so natural, down-to-earth, and cute. Whatever happened to just being yourself and not changing how you look to sell records? 


Will Smith, Gary Barlow and EVERYONE sing the Fresh Prince theme song.

Why the hell is Tom Jones there and not singing the Carlton song!!!!!???? 

An idiot blonde mistakes John Cusak for Kevin Spacey in an interview. Now am off to watch Tyler Perry in Guess Who Coming to Dinner. Good nite!!

My EMANCIPATION don’t fit your equation! Lauryn Hill, Lost Ones (via howtobenoladarling)

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