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Tumblr Question!!!

Does anyone know how to change your profile picture on here? I’ve been off Tumblr for quite some time now and everything looks weird and different. Forgot how I did it months ago. Please help me. Thanks and leave an answer in my private mailbox so I can get it. THANKS A BUNCH!!!

Getting the Tumblr Code


Anyone know how to get the Tumblr Code??? I went to my page and pressed customized then it seems my code disappeared somehow or got deleted. How do i get it back?? Please message me in my ask box. Thanks. 


Okay, so I got a question for my Tumblr friends. So at my local pizza place, “Pat’s Pizza”. There’s this girl that I like. She funny, cute, smart, blonde, and short. Everytime I go there she stops by my table to chat and ask how am doing. When my mom goes in without me, the girl, Sarah will ask where I am. So, the other day, my mom pressured me to ask this girl out. She like, “You better ask her out!! Just ask her to the movies. What’s wrong with you”. I get really really shy and nervous about asking girls out, cause I think they’ll say no and I don’t need my heart crushed and shattered by a girl I don’t know. My mom eats at Pat’s way more than I do, so she’s known her longer as a waitress. I wasn’t interested in her for months and didn’t care about her, until my mom said, “She’s soooo cute!!!! She soooooo cute!!! She’s like a little doll!!!”, so I was like “Whatever!!!” Then a few weeks ago I went into Pat’s and started to like this girl. She was coming up to me and asking about my movies and my summer camp job. I’m now wanting to ask her out, but problem is i have no idea if she’s single or not. Should I ask my mom to ask her if she single without making it look like I told her to do it?? My mom says she’ll do it, but thinks am a wimp. I said if she single and not in a relationship, I’d ask her out on a date. Which am sure I’ll back out at the last minute and end up not doing. Anyway, now I can’t get this girl outta my mind. I barley know anything about her. She could smoke, drink, and listen to Punk, three things I hate. but guess I should give it a try and just ask her out as two friends. I’m the kinda person when someone offers me something like a job or something, I always take it cause I love where life leads you and the unexpected people you meet along the way. But when it comes to dating, am like nervous wreck. 


I was just on Facebook and found out that a close friend of mine, 23-years-old and said she’d hate to be married ended up getting married to a guy she knew for four weeks. 

I’m not in SF, so I haven’t seen her lately, but I did have a crush on her for like a year, long time ago, but anyway she ended up getting married to some average looking guy at San Francisco City Hall. She didn’t invite anyone, not even her mother and did it so quickly that the only way we all found out was when she posted wedding pictures on Facebook. 

I called her and said I was very happy and excited for her, but truth is, I think it’s a mistake she’ll regret. I’m sure the guy is nice and he goes to Sanford U since she works for nothing at Starbucks. She said she will send me an email with all the details, but I do think she either married this guy for the money, to piss her parents off, or she’s pregnant. I dunno which one yet. I’m personally not wanting to get married until much later in life and having a girlfriend goes up and down. Some days I feel like asking a girl on a date, but what really is the point when you can still go on ur date without having to make a commitment and end up getting hurt anyway. I’d rather have a girlfriend who I have a lot in common with and a fun person, but no money or sex thing. It’s called “Love”, not “Money” or “Sex”. Those are two bad reasons to get married. 

Anyway, Tumbler friends, send me a message in my inbox on if I should be honest to my friend of five years or just let her be. Nobody ever met this guy before, so I’m nervous he may be a wife-beater or hurt her in a way a woman or man shouldn’t be hurt, but I’d hate to lose my friend if I’m too honest. 

What do you think I should do???


is thinking about doing a video blog, but am not sure yet.

Hey Tumblerettes,

I’m thinking about doing a video blog, like movie and music reviews. Can anyone recommend a video blog on Tumblr or Youtube that I should watch? What are your favorite video blogs that you enjoy watching? 

Anyway, I’m not sure since I’m working full-time. But, I’ll put some thought into it. 



When I write a comment on a reblog. Am I suppose to write my username above?? I don’t want it to look like someone else wrote it.

Write me a message if u can help!! Thanks!! I just hate when I see a post I did and my comment looks like the previous person wrote it.

IPad Question/Help

anyone know what to do if an IPad window freezes. I had my ipad working fine until I got home and it was frozen on the home page. The buttons won’t move and it not losing battery power. Any Apple expert able to help me??? Send me a message at my inbox. Click truth or dare. That my email box name Thanks

Going out with a couple who r dating?

  • Hey, so here's a question: If you were single and a couple dating ask you to go with them to the movies or dinner, would you go? Like two of my best friends are now dating, so like they ask me to go with them like four times a week for a movie or out for dinner, which is nice, but they spend the time kissing, smooching, and any other love gestures. I'm single and so it not that I feel lonely or jealous, but I find it rude to make love with someone watching and trying to have a normal conversation. What r ur thoughts????

Posting Music on Trumblr

I’m a big fan of music and would love to post my favorite songs for people to listen to. It’s not Lady Kaka or Justin Beiber, it’s like real cool music. Any idea on how to post music? I tried doing it from my Itunes libary, but didn’t work. How else do i do it?

Thanks and PEACE OUT!!!

Is this my Ask Box?

  • Okay, so i know there's supposed to be something called "Ask Box" and "E-Mail Box". According to my secret source, those boxes are turned off, am assuming. So, anyone who wants to know if I have a girlfriend or had my phone hacked into by the U.K., will not be able to know, until I get these things turned on.
  • Who knows how to turn these things on and also is this chat thing the ask box, or is it really called an ask box????
Question of the day: If you had to go to Toontown on business and wanted to get some pleasure. What Disney princess would you sleep with? Mine not in the picture :(, but anyway i’m sure some men would choose the ones in the above picture.

Question of the day: If you had to go to Toontown on business and wanted to get some pleasure. What Disney princess would you sleep with? Mine not in the picture :(, but anyway i’m sure some men would choose the ones in the above picture.


I’m new on Tumblr. How do I put a profile pic of myself on the homepage. Thanks. just write in my message box. thanks