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It’s fun watching Hakuna Matata in reverse because Timon and Pumbaa abandon Simba off by himself in the desert after they sing to him:

No, they really do.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Best Singing Moments of Season 5. 

My mom and I watched this and we both cracked up!! Damn good times!!! :D 

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Patti Labelle plays a practical joke on three kids on the Nickeloden show, “Hi-Jinks”, I missed this show as a kid, my mom thought some of the jokes went to far. but I posed a good simple one with one of my favorite singer, Patti Labelle. Enjoy!!!


Loving you
Is some kind of wonderful
Because you’ve shown me
Just how much you care
You’ve given me the thrill of a lifetime

This will be an everlasting love.

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This Little Light of Mine

Young Tina Turner

I love this song!!!! I don’t sing often, but when I do, am often found singing, “This Little Light of Mine”. A song that makes me cry when I see it done emotionally or laugh when I see it done on Fresh Prince. Never thought that the same song can make me cry, cheer, pray, or pee my pants - well not at the same time!!!

WTF??? Our Nations President sings Dionne Warwick!!!!!! I’ll vote to cut funds for poor people just for 45 sec of the president singing Walk on By. Damn that had me cracking up!!!!!

BEST VERSION OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!! WHITNEY GETS #2, but MARVIN< DAMN!!!!!It’s like he’s crying and saying, “Fuck you America”. 

Best version of this classic love song!!!!! Love DIONNE WARWICK!!!!!!!!! 

I’ve always love Japenese music because the singing sounds like angels from Heaven. However I dunno any japense so they could be singing about a brutal murder or planning a terrorist attack and I wouldn’t know. But I still love their harmony. Brendan K. Williams
"Why the hell is the Academy of Art is doing a singing contest called, Academy Idol. My old school have some of the most stupidest ideas ever. However, they are going to shoot it like a TV show and air it on the local TV channels and students will be judges. But, the first place prize is the best…..ready!!!!……drumroll……you get to be on American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!" However who the fuck at AAU decieds who the fuck is gonna be on American Idol? I hope they can keep that promise. Brendan Williams (when going to my old school today and finding this out)